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Embrace the ‘always on’ generation, by harnessing the power of your industry success stories to inspire and attract future talent through live, interactive video broadcasts


Online Insight Days - Enabling institutions and employers to attract future talent, even when the going gets tough.

Careers fairs are a fantastic way to meet a stream of potential talent and highlight your industry. But they also require a lot of planning and resources – not to forget the logistics of it all. And the uncertainty that surrounds public health is an added concern. Online Insight Days offer you a practical and cost-effective solution to showcase your industry to the future generation virtually – with the bonus of reaching a much wider audience.

Here’s how it works…

Delivering an exceptional attendee experience

Through a unified registration process and intuitive insight day user experience, our co-branded technology enables every attendee to easily access the content that interests them. On-demand broadcasts ensure that your attendees can catch up on your presentations at a time more suited to them, in case life gets in the way.

Create engaging content that seamlessly converts

Partner with our expert content team to tailor each session to your target demographic while also driving your call-to-action messages. Utilise tools such as slide-sharing to engage better with the audience. Work with one of our professional presenters to wow your attendees.

Amplify your reach through Springpod

Utilise Springpod’s growing nationwide network to give your insight day the organic boost it deserves. With over 50,000 students, 2,800 schools and 8,000 parents, your content will always find the right audience and drive engagement.

Turn attendees into candidates

Measure the success of your insight day with our handy engagement reports that tell you the real story. Assess the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing through our feedback surveys. Build up your talent pool organically.

turn attendees into candidates

Get the insights that matter​ most

Measure the success of your open day with our handy engagement reports that tell you the real story. Understand what topics matter the most to students with our feedback surveys. Strengthen your university or college admissions with our list of leads, delivered every month.

Want to see an Online Insight Day in action?

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